David Guetta gets around Euro 200’000 per gig! Fair?

Who doesn’t dream about such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii his tracks in front of thousands of party goers hang up. The earth be brought to the boil. The star to be. Who in the 70s, 80s, 90s are still Rockstar could be called away from the window, that is today, except of course the Geldmaschinerie like the Rolling Stones, U2 or even Depeche Mode. Today’s Rockstar is a DJ.

 There is a lot of money and, as this is. The fees range from 50 ‚000 – 250 ‚000 euro. Because it sounds like DJ Antoine with our Swiss exports approximately 24 ‚000 euro, Auslandsgage yes almost like a song. A few years ago, Europe was the melting point of the DJ’s major cities. Ibiza, Mykonos and many other Party destinations were the origin of summer hits. Here have been celebrated DJ s, the tracks and songs, even before America the electronic music discovered for himself. It’s clear that DJ „meltpot“in the music scene is Europe. America is the success of the Black EyedPeas Mitproduzenten Guetta on electronic music and become aware and Co before. Where Tiesto in Nischen-Music programming and radio stations have been played, it is today Main-time. Today, there are already not pure R & B artist more on their traditional black music  set. Usher, will I. Am, Chris Brown, Rihanna, BEP sound more electronic dance music today than years previously.

The DJ Fees

Blame for the whole over-priced fees, the Superstar, is America. The new Ibiza is called „Las Vegas“. Tiesto, one of the most well-known DJs of the world, no longer makes first time in Ibiza, but go directly to the festivals in Las Vegas – in the past, its spectacle such as cabaret, magic show, circus, rollercoasters of the Sky-buildings down. Today is the Geldmaschinerie deejay and Festival, it seems clear but the driver is called gage and money. In a time where artists and entertainers by the illegal Download always earn less, i.e. the Geldeinnahme source „DJ Performance“ & marchandise. Look at how many top DJ s in this year will be lost to Europe? I don’t think that the organizers of our electronic festivals will be in a position to comply with these fees. In Las Vegas, there are the DJs for the new cabaret shows, if you like, which is now more fair, spectacle, a circus, because it turns the music, its no longer to be live performances for the artists also. Always important, because fewer and fewer Music „Is bought“. The question is simple: when will this bubble burst? In Switzerland, the DJ fees of 2012/2013 massively collapsed. Da-Nos will be , Sir Colin, Christopher S but also our R & B guild had to make some adjustments as well. And yet, the salary in performance /references comparison to the top shoots in Germany (D.O.N.S , Thomas Gold, Bingo Boys, Eddie Thoneick, Tocadisco or Klaas) is still too high!!!

The dream to be DJ?

It is clear that the incentive is greater than ever. At the present time, where the music is with a touch of a button, without having to pay, on the own Server is loaded in a time where Prestige, recognition and fame no longer just in the profession can be fetched. There is the desire to be a rock star, probably very close. DJ that is something different, as every Monday to go to the office and to live according to the motto: „livingfortheweekend“!

Star-DJ – leads to better or worse about the passage „Newcomer DJ“. And a perhaps as a council introduction: „it can perhaps be better“ – because, as I have demonstrated in many letters, as some dreams were very fast as a bubble burst, abruptly.

The newcomer DJ as the dairy cow for the club or event organisers?

In some ways, its what. Meanwhile, the young DJ s only to an event posted when this can boast a Friendlist. Facebook is full of invitations to the spam. Probably, the best party must go to all, every day, we have an abundance in our mailboxes or in Loret. Also the Rimini del Mar „Carreisen“ operate on the same scheme. The newcomers may be happy to hang up in a top club, if these friends and colleagues for a Carfahrt or able to inspire a booking at the beach. I am talking about the: „paytoplay“. The competition for a booking was also in the times of the „Vinyls“ under the DJ’s gross. Oh yes, vinyl are the „black things with the small hole, which has placed it on the turntable“. But today, where there are DJ’s as the sand of the sea, it is still has become even more unmanageable. What a pity. I have some new, young DJ s who learned not only to have the sense, but also his passion for music, but that alone does not go. Relationship or the trendy word „social Merchandise andcomunity“ are the buzzwords today. to my call on the experiences of newcomer DJ’s, have also reported some Clubbesitzer I have described and that there are also many „new“ DJ queries, which advance a Gagenvorstellung of CHF 300.- – 500. -cast on the table.

 Here is an extract of Clubbesitzers:

If we had the whole situation from the point of view of a newcomer DJ try to see, it is not quite so easy to enforce in the business. Very much a Jung-Dj almost the guests must mobilise to bookings, so that he is at all. It is also his performance not the central point of the engagement, but the promotion.
Often there is almost no way a chance to these bookings to a „green“ branch to come … sad when someone does not want to earn fast 500 CHF.

My tip for young DJs: „trying to play wide open format, such all-rounder or DJs are asked for and are in my view in the future even more seriousness. „. And last but not least, never forget who you are. „large“ has made, it is like in all other areas of life is always a give and take …

This statement was also very interesting a DJ s already had some years of experience at the old.

The 16-year-old is already positing that you have „fame and glam“ must have, in order to achieve something in this world and that you get is worth something. true values such as loyalty, tenacity and perseverance in the profession, the friendship away from clubs, family etc lose importance.


It is not and has never been easy to gain „fame“ but it is also for many successful artists to the number 1 hit not easy. much is expected, and the pressure is enormous. Our artists such as DJ Antoine, Mike to candy or Remady can sing that song. and also here are many of the pressure and the expectations had gone. European example : Falco.

Newcomer DJs will have even more difficult times in the future. As long as the clubs themselves do not return to the „ownership“ in their promotion and musical quality, nothing will change, but it also included a dedicated Druchsetzungswille for the new generation of DJs to do this. not to just give up but to fight for a dream. Even if sometimes it almost seemed without a way out, we should keep it up. This refers to life. Whether profession for example a wedding dj, hochzeit dj ,for passion or for a hobby.

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