Save money with music from the Ipod better? I think not!

Save money with music from the Ipod better? I think not! Although it seems like a good idea if you use an iPod for a wedding as a wedding DJ / Hochzeit DJ  would like to use your favorite songs very quickly. A few saved, the Play button is pressed and finally one still has saved money, and just as easy in theory. However, the practice will be different. The evening program will change and you or your iPod must be very flexible, but a machine can still not replace the people. We feel the mood, the atmosphere, the music, the laughter and the joy we hear. The iPod definitely not, and someone who has not seen tens of weddings and was designed as a DJ is also not that professional, Must learn in such a short period of time. Clear can be found in many hotels and their specially Wedding Music. Also provided is a sound system and mostly cheap equipment. Usually these premises are equipped with a speaker system which is used for seminar or lectures. The sound power is therefore limited and once with their cost-saving idea is to make the ipod the musical structure that it is, rather, the result in distortion of the music. I think it will still be loud enough for some guests who want to party but also to run for the guests talking to each other and need a laugh. Today we live in a „do it yourself“society. But I think that, the music and the equipment  should be left for a professional. Not a good friend from the Bridal Environment or a known. As mentioned above, the Play button is pressed quickly. Cheap equipment for 500 – 600 CHF for hire. But a musical guarantee that the evening is not given with security. Only the hustle and bustle to get the equipment. As I do not know the landlord is favorable and, at the same time, its system provides and then still included in the price, you still set up and followed the laity now. I would like to see how he can handle all the cable without been confused. To Know the correct plug? Or better yet: „What is missing in a plug!“ So nice, you are already in the run-up; your nerves and your time. The time to this important and an unforgettable event for your partner and guests have arrived. A great event is more than just wedding menu and lounge music. It is the talent, a wedding DJ/ Hochzeit DJ, qualified, professional who helps to make  the evening musically accompanied for you. The event ran smoothly, with no embarrassing surprises. A professional wedding DJ offers you the confidence, the music and especially that your event flows smoothly. It will be a reminder that you, your family and guests will never forget. Ask your wedding photographer for an opinion. Some have confirmed for me that the evening was ruined, because the music/sound system is not in the line of the wedding. The restaurant will also suggest to you to work with professionals.

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