Cost of wedding DJ? What does it cost me a DJ?

In most cases, it is noted that in spite of all preparation for what you have already been carried out, or of his „to do“ list are swabbed has, one of the most important points is missing. The music, the equipment, and the wedding DJ that is in most cases, however,is  the point where the budget slow to limit has come.

One thing is clear: Wedding DJ’s depending on their talent, equipment, and experience vary considerably in the cost and the quotes!

A question for the bride and bridesmaids should have priority.

To remember what the invited guests want more?


to the table decoration, the great bouquet of flowers, the wedding menu, the horse-drawn carriage or rather to the rendered great atmosphere, which brings the feast and the music industry?


The agony of choice? 

The offer is large in the network, but not every expensive DJ has to be good, must not every cheap DJ automatically be bad. But the risk can be large, that if the music or the sound of a wedding not true that some guests from the party adopt rather more quickly than expected, but a wedding DJ is responsible not only for the music. But he is also the one who, what the link to the many Performances in the evening, he is actually, the person who, together with the „best friend“ or even „Taschmeister‘, and the evening perfectly coordinated for you. The control and support of the microphone, which migrates through many hands on this evening, and here as well is the wedding DJ for s always active. Finally , the performance Yes also good „verbal“ arrive.

Qual-der-Wahl-500x330How can I choose?

The comparison of the offers is hip, but also the comparison what you offer in the price of the wedding DJ. What is the music and lighting system from? Is it an eye-catcher for the invited guests? Or is saved here in the first place?

Also, it is the experience of the DJ  booked from known? such an event is just for you according to your taste to accompanyit? Because this is a journey that you complete together , even if after the wedding the way disconnects again. A good DJ does not consider itself to be just as a service provider, but also as a friend in your team, to make this night unforgettable. offer you the agency/DJ a personal conversation or are we going with a Playlist fobbed off?

The prices start at most a serious basis from CHF 1200-up. back to top there are no limits depending on how the equipment is removed. There are also many inexpensive young provider. a laptop is easily bought. The songs are often illegally obtained from the Internet at a rather low resolution. A cheap DJ light and music can be bought cheap for CHF 400. -at the Conrad and already is called DJ is also here – sometimes even if your budget is at the limit, it would save a wrong decision!

I think a DJ if, in the light of experience and bring a certain age. A wedding is not Clubparty! to a wedding meeting each other so many musical tastes, as flexibility is called for. Also make sure that your wedding DJ also its flavor is true. It is precisely in a time where there are so many multicultural weddings, it is also important here to traditions and their music to marry.

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